Online Business Writing 101 | Your Content Should Sound Like You
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Your Content Should Sound Like You

Business writing can be personal

Your Content Should Sound Like You

In all of your marketing and content material, you should have one consistent voice that is clearly your brand. Why? With business writing, having a voice that is recognizable does wonders for standing out from the crowd of competitors.

Think of the biggest brands that just about everyone around the world could recognize. Now, look at their web content. Are they consistent? Do they show a specific kind of personality? You don’t have to fully understand how it is that they do that, but just knowing that they do it is important. This voice consistency and brand success are no coincidence.

Define your brand through business writing

Before you even begin with your online content, make sure you are consciously aware of what personality you would like to convey. Do you want your brand to sound sleek and modern? Or perhaps friendly and welcoming? Or maybe sassy and rebellious? Whatever it is, define it. Make sure your brand could be defined as an actual person with specific character traits.

If your brand is a reflection of your own personality, that’s important to define too. What makes you, you? Define it, own it, and use it. Your content should sound like you.

Once you have defined your brand’s character, you can go on to making some content. Or, better yet, you can effectively describe the brand personality to the freelance writer who will be doing the online writing for you.

Keep your business writing consistent

If you have a team within your small business, make sure that they clearly know this brand personality. This applies to everyone, not just those doing online marketing or website content. Consistency is key when it comes to personality and voice, and it needs to be the same across all platforms and mediums. Everything needs to have the same voice and same personality — eventually, your customers will start recognizing this personality.

Outsource your business writing

Instead of worrying about wondering if every piece of content you’re writing does indeed sound correct, consider hiring a freelance writer to do the business writing instead. Ghostwriters who create high-quality writing are well versed in not only effectively using SEO content, but also in making the tone of an article or blog post sound a certain way.

The best way to ensure that the writer understands what you’re looking for is to provide one or two high-quality examples of an ideal article. A simple description should also suffice, although you may want to check over the first article or two to ensure it was communicated correctly. From there, they will know what to do. At this point you have established your voice, kept it consistent within your business, and outsourced your content to save time and money — all while keeping your content sounding like you.

If you’re ready to make your content sound like you, contact Jenn Marie Writing & Marketing today!

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